It is the Department of State Borders and Boundaries’ responsibility to authorize the admission of maps, geographic maps, and publications references to or relate to the international boundaries and borders of the Chilean territory. It is also responsible for authorizing their edition and circulation, of such instruments in Chile, after their review.

Should any kind of printed material or documents include maps or geographic maps affecting the national territory, the review shall be limited to only such maps and to the associated texts. The concepts of ‘publication’ or ‘work’ comprise, among other: maps, dictionaries, encyclopedias, world globes, texts, and brochures published in conventional, optical or magnetic media.

To comply with the cited legal provisions, all publications of this mature – whatever their origin, edition, and format – shall follow one of the procedures mentioned below:

Procedure to obtain authorization for the circulation of works or publications edited in Chile.

Procedure to import works or publications considered to be unique copies.